Hear Walt Disney Record Narration of Magic Skyway (Bloopers)

By Keith Mahne

I adore listening to the audio recording process of my favorite attractions. Paul Frees’ narration for the Haunted Mansion comes to mind. But what about one where Walt Disney is the narrator like, say as he did for Ford’s 1964 World’s Fair attraction Magic Skyway. Well if you’d like to hear the actual recording process of Walt with bloopers and all, here is your chance. Continue after the page break and have a listen…

Here is Walt Disney recording the narration for the Ford Magic Skyway with Marty Sklar, who wrote the script and will be our next guest on the Disney Avenue Podcast. I think you’ll really enjoy this one:

Pretty good stuff huh? I must have listened to that a hundred times now. For more audio of Walt and music from the 1964 World’s Fair, I highly suggest you grab yourself a copy of the wonderful CD box set Walt Disney and the 1964 World’s Fair from the link below. The 5 CDs and 24-page booklet whisk you off to the worlds of wonder that Disney brought to the 1964 World’s Fair. The imagination displayed here foreshadowed what was to come to the Disney parks in the future. You’ll hear the original It’s a Small World demo where Walt himself is your guide for this “charming little boat ride”. The full, original audio of Walt for Ford’s Magic Skyway takes you from the age of dinosaurs to the ascent of man and into the future. You’ll hear the recording sessions for Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln, hear the music from the Progressland exhibit including the Carousel of Progress and more! Just follow the link below:


We always enjoy hearing from you, so tell us what you think of the recording in the comments below. Oh, and make sure you head on over to iTunes and subscribe to the Disney Avenue Podcast. You wouldn’t want to miss our upcoming chat with Marty Sklar now would you?


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